Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 (Sesi 03)

Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7

I. Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat.

Sita : Look at the giraffes. They have curly eyelashes.
Dini : Yes, they do. Their eyelashes are adorable.
Sita : And look at the zebras. They have black and white stripes on their bodies.
Andri : Guys, do you know that each zebra has different pattern?
Sita : They do? That’s very interesting!

1. What do they say about the animals?
A. Sita says that giraffes have curly eyelashes
B. Andri says that each zebra has the same pattern
C. Sita says that giraffes have black and white stripes
D. Dini says that zebras have curly eyelashes

2. “Their eyelashes are adorable.” What is the synonym of the underlined word?

A. Ugly
B. Awful
C. Beautiful
D. Bad

The text is for no 3-6


Hello ! My name is a Andri and this is my house. My house is a quite big. It has got two floors; a ground floor and a first floor. It has also got an attic and a basement. On the ground floor there is the hall, the kitchen, a pantry, the living room, a big dining room and a toilet. On the first floor there are three bedrooms, one bathroom and a big corridor. My bedroom is between my parents’ bedroom and the bathroom. My sister’s bedroom is in front of mine.
I love my bedroom, but I also like the attic. In the attic I keep some of my books and my old toys. I like to spend my time there because it is very spacious and there is a big sofa there where I sometimes take a nap. In the basement is where we keep the washing machine, the drying machine and old stuff. At the back of the house there is also the garage, where my parents park the family car, and a lovely garden, with many green spaces, flowers. Two swings and a small swimming pool. I love my house. It’s very comfortable and cozy.
3. How many floors are there?
A. There are two floors
B. There is one floor
C. There are two ground floors
D. There are three floors

4. Where is the living room?
A. On the first floor 
B. On the basement 
C. On the ground floor 
D. On the second floor

5. Why does he like to be in the attic?
A. Because it is very spacious and there is a big sofa there where he sometimes take a nap. 
B. Because there are two swings and he sometimes play there. 
C. Because there is a lovely garden 
D. because it is very spacious and his parents keep washing machine there. 

6. “It is very comfortable and cozy.” (last paragraph)
What does the underlined word mean? 
A. Feeling interested in something.
B. Making somebody feel relaxed.  
C. Making somebody feel sad. 
D. Not knowing what to do.
Text for no 7-9 

My Cute “White” 

Hello everybody ! My name is Dian. I live in a small village. I have a pet. His name is White. It is a rabbit. His fur is white and has black spots. It has long ears and a short tail. He also has big eyes. My rabbit likes to eat carrot and other vegetables. I bring White to a veterinarian when he does not look well. I love White very much.
7. How do White’s eyes look like?
A. Cute 
B. Small 
C. Long 
D. Big 

8. What does White eat?
A. Rice and fish 
B. Carrot and other vegetables 
C. Fruits and vegetables 
D. Meat

9. When does the writer take White to the veterinarian?
A. When she wants to do checkup. 
B. When her mother asks her to. 
C. When she has some money. 
D. When White is not healthy. 

10. You can put the food in the . . . .to keep it fresh and cold.
A. Microwave 
B. Refrigerator 
C. Stove 
D. Rice Cooker 

11. My classmate always smiles and has many friends. She is . . . . .
A. Clumsy 
B. Healthy 
C. Friendly 
D. Lazy
The text is for no 12-15
My Favorites Teacher I have a favorite teacher in my school. He is Mr. Deni. He is my English teacher. He is 30 years old. He is tall and handsome. He has round eyes, a pointed nose, and thick lips. He has straight hair that always looks neat. He is the strict and discipline person. He also has long mustache and beard fairly dense. His skin is brown. He is very diligent. He is also smart and honest. He loves music very much. He is very good at playing a guitar. He is a good person and we love him very much.
12. Who is Mr. Deni?
A. The writer’s father 
B. The writer’s head teacher 
C. The writer’s uncle 
D. The writer’s teacher

13. How does he look like?
A. He has round eyes, a flat nose, and thin lips. He has straight hair. 
B. He has slant eyes, a pointed nose, and thick lips. He has wavy hair. 
C. He has round eyes, a pointed nose, and thick lips. He has straight hair. 
D. He has round eyes, a pointed nose, and thin lips. He has wavy hair.
14. Is his skin brown?
A. Yes, it is 
B. No, it is not 
C. Yes, it does 
D. No, he is not.
15. What do you think about Mr. Deni?
A. He is very diligent, smart and honest person 
B. He is smart, honest but lazy person 
C. He is the strict but not discipline person 
D. He is smart teacher but not discipline person
16. A place where aircraft regularly take off and land, with buildings for passengers to wait in.
A. Gas station 
B. Train station 
C. Airport 
D. Parking Area
17. . . . . many people standing outside the movie theater.
A. There is 
B. There are 
C. There 
D. Is there
18. There . . . a small cat playing with some toys.
A. Is 
B. Are 
C. Am 
D. Have
19. We use this thing to cook our meals. It is a . . . . .
A. Basin 
B. Stove 
C. Knife 
D. Rack
20. Dina : I got this thing from my uncle. I forget what it’s called, umm, it’s round and it’s long and
it’s used for looking at the starts. 
Rino : Do you mean a . . . . . . .? 
Dini : Yes ! That’s it !
A. Microscope 
B. Telescope 
C. Scissor 
D. Glasses 

21. She is an old woman. She is short and plump. She has got short, curly, gray hair. She is wearing a
22. Deby : Mom, I am home. What are you cooking? It smells so good.
Mrs. Andri : I am making fruit pudding, please chill it first in the . . . . .
A. Cupboard 
B. Refrigerator 
C. Microwave 
D. Bowl

Mrs. Andrian : What can I help you with today ? 
Dina : I need to check out this book. 
Mrs. Andrian : I’m going to need your member card ? 
Dina : I don’t have a member card. 
Mrs. Andrian : Why don’t you apply for one right now? 
Dina : Sure. That would be great. 
Mrs. Andrian : Please fill out this application. 
Dina : Okay, here you go. 
Mrs. Andrian : Here’s your card. 
Dina : Thanks.

23. Where did the conversation probably take place?
A. In the classroom 
B. In the laboratory 
C. In the canteen 
D. In the library 

24. Mother : Where is your father?
Diana : He is in the . . . . . . . He is going to repair my bicycle.
A. Garden 
B. Living room 
C. Dining room 
D. Garage
The text is for no 25-26
My name is Sita. I live in Sindang, Indramayu. Let me tell you about my daily activities. Every school day, I get up very early in the morning. Sometimes my younger sister, Aulia, wakes me up. She is a diligent girl. We share a room, but we sleep on different beds. I always go to school early in the morning. My school is about three kilometers from my house. After school, I join an extracurricular activity with my best friend. Her name is Nabila. I often visit Nabila’s house. I usually go there in the afternoon. Her hobby is playing guitar. We usually play it in the afternoon from three to four
25. The text mainly discusses about . . . . .
A. Sita’s daily activities 
B. Nabila’s daily activities 
C. School’s activities 
D. Aulia’s daily activities 

26. The following statements are true, EXCEPT . . . .
A. Sita has two sisters. 
B. Sita always go to school early in the morning 
C. Aulia is a diligent girl. 
D. Sita often visit Nabila’s house.
27. My father is a . . . . . . he always advise people about legal problems and defend them in court.

A. Engineer. 
B. Carpenter 
C. Lecturer 
D. Lawyer 

28. Dian : Hi Gio, what does your father do?
Gio : My father is a . . . . . .he makes things out of wood and repairs them.
A. Plumber 
B. Tailor 
C. Carpenter 
D. Butcher

The conversation is for no 29-31 

Sita : Dini, your room is very unique and large. It has things with many
different colours and shapes. 
Dini : Yes, that’s right. It has two dark brown chairs, a yellow bed, a round table  and a black bookshelf. 
Sita : And you have a very big TV. It’s awesome.
29. We know from the conversation that . . . . .
A. Dini’s room is very unique, colourful and has many things with different shapes. 
B. Dini’s room is very unique and and has many things in the same colour. 
C. Dini’s room is very small and has many things with the same shapes. 
D. Dini’s room is very unique and has many things with the same shapes. 

30. “It’s awesome.”
What is the synonym of the underlined word?
A. Different 
B. Expensive 
C. Comfortable 
D. Amazing 

31. “And you have a very big TV.”
What is the synonym of the underlined word?
A. Small 
B. Huge 
C. Tiny 
D. Good

Hello! My names’s Vina. I’m a . . . . . . . .(32) I work in a laboratory. I’m wearing a white lab coat, rubber gloves, and a hat to cover my hair. Sometimes, I wear goggles to protect my eyes and a mask to cover my mouth and nose.
32. ...

A. Translator 
B. Plumber 
C. Counselor
D. Scientist 

33. Crocodiles are four legged semiaquatic carnivorous reptiles who tend to live in a freshwater habitats  such lakes and rivers. What does it like to eat?
A. It likes eat meat 
B. It likes eat fruit 
C. It likes eat vegetables 
D. It likes eat leaves 

34. I live on land. I have got sharp teeth. I’m a wild animal. I eat meat. People call me “The King of
Jungle”. Which animal am I?

35. I swim in the sea. I have got sharp teeth. I’m a wild animal. Which animal am I? 

36. The room is very hot, so you can use this object. It is an electric device with blades that turn quickly,  used to move the air around.
A. Water heater 
B. Fan 
C. Refrigerator 
D. Broom

37. What is the title of the song?

A. Paris and Rome 
B. Home 
C. Summer day 
D. Michael Buble

38. Who is sing a song?
A. Michael Buble 
B. Justin Bieber 
C. Bruno Mars 
D. Adelle

39. What does the song tell us about? 

Home By Michael Buble
 Another summer day Is come and gone away In Paris and Rome But I want to go home Maybe surrounded by A million people I still feel all alone I just want to go home Oh I miss you, you know Another aero plane Another sunny place I’m lucky I know But I want to go home Let me go home I’m just too far from where you are I want to come home 

A. The writer want to go to Paris and Rome 
B. The writer want to go home 
C. Aero plane 
D. Summer day
40. Where we can find these object ? 

A. Livingroom 
B. Kitchen 
C. Bedroom 
D. Diningroom

41. Fill in the gaps. Use the words in the box ! 

a. My uncle loves to tell jokes to make us laugh. He is . . . . . . . . 
b. She never talks to a stranger. She is very . . . . . . . . . . . 
c. I like doing sports and physical activities. I’m very . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
d. Don’t just think of yourself, that’s so . . . . . . . .
42. Read the text below and answer the questions !
My name is Dini. I use the web only on weekends. I visit a lot of websites. My favorites websites are game websites and science websites. I’d like to know about all the latest inventions. I like science very much. Someday, I want to be a scientist.
a. What does Dini want to be? ….
b. What kind of websites does she like? …. 
c. When does she visit the websites ? ….
d. Why does she visit the science website ? ….
43. What is the object?

a. It is for writing letters on the white board. It is . . . . 
b. They are for cutting things. It is . . . . . 
c. It is for sharpening your pencil. It is . . . . 
d. It is for sweeping the floor. It is . . .
44. What Siti likes and does not like about her school:

45. Fill in the blanks with has or have.
a. They . . . . . flufy fur. 
b. She. . . . . a big dog. 
c. Does Bobby . . . a fish? 
d. Rabbits . . . . .long ears.

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Soal Bahasa Inggris
KUNCI JAWABAN PILIHAN GANDA 1. A 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. A 6. B 7. D 8. B 9. D 10. B 11. C 12. D 13. C 14. A 15. A 16. C 17. B 18. A 19. B 20. B 21. A 22. B 23. D 24. D 25. A 26. A 27. D 28. C 29. A 30. D 31. B 32. D 33. A 34. A 35. A 36. B 37. B 38. A 39. B 40. C 



42. A. She want to be a scientist B. She likes game website and science website C. On Weekends  D. Because she like to know about the latest invention and she like science very much.

43. A. It is a marker B. It is a scissors C. It is sharpener D. It is broom 

Things she likes  - The classroom are clean and tidy  - The school library has many good books and magazines  - The teachers are smart  

Things she does not like
 - The school yard is very small  - There are not many plants, so it is very hot in the afternoon.  - The terrace is very crowded during the break  - The students only have the terrace when they are not in the classrooms.

45. A. Have B. Has C. Has D. Have


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